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May 27, 2018
Camden News

What a way to honor our heroes

This article was published May 15, 2018 at 2:10 p.m.

— Organizing is under way to transform Memorial Day in Camden to the significance it deserves rather than a date to primarily celebrate as a three-day weekend and kickoff to the summer season.

Lisa Edwards and Ouachita County Veteran Service Officer Jim Bob Davis are organizing “The Fallen Hero Walk of Ouachita County.”

The goal of the observance is to plant flags on the graves of military veterans, who of course are the reason for Memorial Day. Sure, it’s nice to have a holiday and we’re glad summer is here, but let’s pause to remember on May 28 the real reason the day is set aside as a special observance.

In addition to placing the flags on graves of veterans, Edwards and Davis say that activities will include messages about the importance of Memorial Day. They told the Camden News it is hoped that a member of a veterans’ organization will accompany children as they visit the graves of fallen soldiers.

They seek the community’s support in this endeavor, from organizations as well as children and their entire families.”We still need help,” Edwards told the Camden News. “We still need support and we still need flags. There’s no age limit. We want children around second grade and up because they will be able to understand what’s going on. But if the entire family wants to be involved then the more the merrier.”

The support is needed if the event is to become an annual observance, which is the hope of Edwards and Davis. You can become involved by calling Davis at 837-2216.

We commend these two individuals for spearheading an observance that reflects the ever-growing regard for veterans in Ouachita County, and we hope their efforts meet with enthusiasm to establish a fitting and respectful observance of Memorial Day.

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