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An altercation over flatulence led to one Camden woman being charged with domestic abuse and possession of a controlled substance.

Court documents state, “On September 21, 2018 at 1257 hours Officer Ashley watts was dispatched to 665 Opal Street in reference to an unknown disturbance. Upon arrival, Officer Watts made contact with a female. The woman stated the following: Her girlfriend, Pamela Young, had struck her in the face. She and Young were lying in bed when Young passed gas and the fan was on (and) pointed in the direction of her. She told Young to turn the fan away because she ‘didn’t want to smell that.’ Young got on top of her and struck her in the right eye with a closed fist. According to her, she and Young had been in a relationship for approximately one year. Officer Watts observed injuries to the woman’s right eye. Young was arrested on (the) scene and transported to the station. A search of Young’s purse revealed two meth pipes with methamphetamine residue.”

Young was given $10,000 bond.

In another case, Antonio Lowmack was ordered held without bond and has been charged with residential burglary, possession of a controlled substance, failure to appear, second degree sexual assault and criminal trespassing stemming from an October incident at Ivory Heights.

Camden Police Officers were dispatched to Ivory Heights to a call of a suspicious person. Upon arrival, law enforcement made contact with the reporting parties in front of their residence. The reporting parties gave a description of the suspect and stated that he might still be in the area. As officers walked up the side of the hill behind the apartments, contact was made with Antonio Lowmack.

Officers approached Lowmack and could smell the odor of intoxicants emitting from his person. Lowmack was asked if he had been drinking and he replied yes. Officer Perry then placed Lowmack into custody and conducted a search incident to arrest. The reporting parties confirmed that he was the one that entered into their residence. The search revealed two small baggies of crack cocaine, a small baggy of marijuana and a marijuana roach As officers walked to the porch to make contact with the reporting parties, an empty bottle of liquor was on the ground in front of the porch.

The reporting party stated that Lowmack dropped it there when he left. It was noticed that there was no forced entry to the residence as the door had been left unlocked.

The reporting party stated that she was in the bed asleep with her sister when she felt someone get into the bed, and place their arms around her. She stated she knew it was a male because she could feel his genitalia rubbing against her in the bed. Stated that she yelled at the person: “Who are you? Are you trying to rape me?”

She said he did not respond, so she woke her sister and she asked him the same thing. She then pulled the covers back and saw that he was half dressed, naked from the waist down. She said she pushed herself near her sister and Lowmack got up and ran outside, stumbling and pulling up his pants Kimberly stated once he stood up out of the bed, she recognized it to be Lowmack.

Also, an Aug. 7, 2017, affidavit charges Lowmack with robbery, breaking and entering and theft of property less than $1,000.

The report states, “Officer Kayla Reynolds was dispatched to 1190 Dunning Street in reference to a theft. Upon arrival Officer Reynolds met with Timothy Merritt. Merritt stated the following: he was drinking at 1190 Dunning street when he noticed two cell phones bad been stolen out of his vehicle. He believed that Antonio Lowmack had stolen the phones so Merritt stood next to Lowmack and had a friend call his cell phones. The phone began to ring in Lowmack’s pocket and the ringtone was that of Merritt’s phone. Merritt asked for his phone back and the two began to argue. When Merritt tried to take his cell phones back Lowmack hit him in the back of the head with a beer bottle and ran off into the woods. During the altercation Lowmack dropped one of the phones he stole and Merritt was able to identify the phone as belonging to him. Merritt suffered a cut to the back of the head as a result of the beer bottle. Merritt stated he knows who Lowmack is but has never given him permission to be in his vehicle.”

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