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Staff writer

A Ouachita County resident is facing felony theft of leased, rented or entrusted property over $1,000 after court documents say she pawned two televisions she was leasing from Rent-A-Center

“On Oct. 8, a representative from Rent-a-Center filed a report with the Camden Police Department stating that Felicia Tyler, of 505 Camark Ave. in Camden, signed two different lease agreements with the store for two 65-inch televisions in July of this year.

Documents state that the first item was a used LG Smart TV with a value of $529.20, and that “Tyler signed the rental the lease agreement to make payments totaling $981.23 for the television.”

She signed the second agreement was for a 65-inch Samsung television with a cash price of $2,183.46, the document stated and also showed that Tyler agreed to make payments that would result in a total price of $4,048.48 for the television.

“On July 20, 2018, Tyler pawned the LG television for $225.00. On August 7, 2018, Tyler pawned the Samsung television for $300,” according to the document.

The document also gives specific information about the lease agreement from Rent-a-Center which states “as a forbidden act:

“You cannot sell, mortgage, pawn, pledge, encumber, hock or dispose of the rental property.

“Except property that is designed to be carried by a person, you cannot move the rental property from your current residence without our consent.

“Each of these acts is a breach of the lease.”

Tyler was arrested and then released on a $5,00 bond.

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