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The Camden News has learned that two Camden men charged with the murder of a Pine Bluff pawn shop owner on Nov. 12 in Pine Bluff are also currently charged with crimes in Ouachita County.

Court documents show Daryl Anthony Dwayne Strickland is accused of a November 2017 rape, and that Rodney Henry is charged with theft of property greater than $5,000, but less than $25,000.

Strickland was also charged with felony domestic assault but documents state charges were “dismissed with prejudice as the Defendant has met all requirements of the Alternative Sentencing Program.”

The rape case stems from a 2017 incident in which Strickland was attending a party. Camden Police officers were dispatched to a scene where the, “victim seemed to be very upset and was crying to the point where she could not talk.”

The victim said she attending a birthday party for her sister, when she felt ill and ” went upstairs to lie down, Strickland walked in the room, turned off the light and sat on the bed next to her. Strickland began to rub on her vagina and she told him to stop. Strickland got aggressive and pinned her down to the bed with his hands. Strickland pulled her shorts and panties off of her and began to have vaginal sex with her. She told him to stop several times and she was unable to move due to Strickland being on top of her.”

Strickland was given $100,000 bond, but it was reduced to $50,000 after a motion from his lawyers. Strickland is awaiting trial

Henry is charged with the theft of a van.

Documents state, “the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to the lobby for a report of a stolen vehicle. Upon arrival Deputies made contact with the reporting person, Jimmy Morgan. Morgan stated that he had Rodney Henry at his residence. Morgan stated that Henry was supposed to be helping him work on his house. Morgan stated that he did not know Henry that well and had only met him a couple times. Morgan stated that he was working on his house when he heard his vehicle crank up. Morgan stated that he noticed his vehicle key was missing from his key ring and stated that Henry drove away in his vehicle. Morgan stated that he does not know Henry that well and was only supposed to be helping with the construction. Morgan stated that he did not give Henry any permission at all to take his vehicle.

“The vehicle was described as a 2009 Ford Fusion, Blue, The vehicle was valued at $5,000.00 Deputies advised Morgan that a report would be on file. Deputies had dispatch enter the vehicle into ACIC as stolen. Morgan stated that his wallet and cell phone were in the vehicle.

“On September 22, 2018 at 1020 hours, deputies were advised to contact Morgan by phone. Morgan stated that he had made contact with one of Henry’s friends and he advised them that he reported the vehicle stolen. The friend later made contact with Morgan and advised him that his vehicle was at Fox Creek Apartments with the key in it. Morgan stated that he retrieved the vehicle earlier this morning, but noticed $80 missing from his wallet, two iPhones missing valued at $200 each and his $200 Kindle Fire Tablet had been destroyed.”

Henry was released on $5,000 bond and is awaiting trial.

On Tuesday, Pine Bluff Police Department Chief Kelvin Sergeant said at a news conference in Pine Bluff that Daryl Strickland and Rodney Henry, both 21 and from Camden, were arrested early Tuesday in Camden in the Nov. 12 killing of Brandon McHan, the owner of Wise Buck Pawn Shop in Pine Bluff, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

“It’s just a good day for us,” Sergeant said. “This is a tragedy that happened within our community.”

Sergeant said a “huge break” came in the case in the last two days after officers searched a residence and found “physical evidence.” That was sent to the state Crime Lab, and it led to the identification of the suspects. A police spokesman declined to identify the evidence.

Brandon McHan’s twin brother, Jeff McHan, spoke at the news conference, thanking authorities for the work they did to make arrests.

“My family will be able to sleep better tonight knowing that these animals are where they’re supposed to be,” Jeff McHan said, adding later: “My twin brother did not deserve anything like this. He was just trying to help this town out.”

The two suspects, Strickland and Henry, were listed as inmates at the Jefferson County jail by early Tuesday afternoon. They were being held without bail with charges listed as capital murder, criminal attempt and aggravated robbery.

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