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Staff writer

Not all superheroes wear capes, but UPS employee and Camden native Shannon Browning certainly went above and beyond to pull off a miracle this month and has been rewarded, according to a news release.

When a new customer’s critical medical shipment was delayed at the airport, Browning did not take ‘no’ for an answer and ensured that the package was delivered in time for a life-changing bone-marrow surgery.

“We are honored to present him with the September 2018 ICA Award for his impressive demonstration of what it is to provide and Incredible Customer Experience at Worldwide Express,” stated UPS Operations Director Leah Parker.

“Shannon has been impressive since he began this role. He was one of the first people we interviewed for UPS Operations and quickly made an impact to the team.”

Parker said she specifically nominated Browning because of “his help in getting a bone marrow shipment delivered on time for an upcoming surgery.

“Without his help, this poor patient would have had to reschedule a surgery that was very important not only to him, but to our customer responsible for shipping the item.

“This was a new WWE customer, so the delay of this shipment could have easily cost us the account. Due to the shipments size, UPS was unable to deliver on time. The delivery window that UPS provided would have missed the surgery time.

“Shannon spent time sourcing couriers, gathering quotes and ensuring the shipment had the attention it needed. He stayed late and was up super early the next mourning just to confirm the pickup and delivery was successful.”

Browning works in Dallas, Texas, UPS Operations Specialist II facility.

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