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Abram Construction company has ribbon-cutting event

by PATRIC FLANNIGAN and TAMMY FRAZIER | April 11, 2019 at 10:47 a.m.



Staff writers

Abram Construction & Associates, LLC will build dream homes for families in Camden, and the company was treated to a ribbon-cutting event Wednesday as the company has announced that it will build 19, single-family homes in Westridge Estates in Camden.

A news release states that Abram Construction is family owned and emphasizes “quality, craftsmanship, and integrity. It has helped families and individuals in Tennessee and Mississippi realize the dream of owning a home for more than a decade.”

Abram Construction & Associates President Antonio Abram and Project Coordinator Senior Financial Officer Dale Sherman announced a partnership that will result in “dream homes” in an effort to attract and keep generations in Camden.

Sherman told the Camden News on Wednesday that he has been connected to Camden for 20 years and that it is a place that he holds close to his heart. He further explained that there are a lot of people who want to build a home, but they think that it is impossible. Sherman said that because of this partnership, more people will be able to see what they would need to work on in order to finance a home instead of just receiving a denial letter.

“I wanted to do something for a place that I call home,” Sherman said. “The stability of a city is dependent on the family. Families are what creates a great city. So we have to strengthen the family. First are jobs, and I would say the second step is the home. We are losing a lot of up-and-coming young people because they aren’t finding the type of homes they want here. Thanks to Mayor (Julian) Lott, we are trying to bring a lot of those young adults back. It’s truly an honor to come in and try to create some housing here.”

Camden Mayor Julian Lott said in a news release that he reached out to Abram Construction because “there is a great need for affordable homes in Camden,” and because of Abram’s “dedication to not only building homes, but to also building up communities.”

Regarding building homes in Camden, Abram added:

“When I build homes, they are more than just lots and plan numbers.

Employees at Abram Construction not only know your name, but also understand your dreams, and what it will take to make your new house, your new home.

“It’s important to me to mke sure families can not only move into their dream home, but can also afford to live in it for many years after.”

Abram Construction believes homes are more than just four walls and a roof, and Abram stated in the news release:

“They say home is where the heart is for a reason. It’s where love, affection, and memories are made, and we are honored that families choose an Abram Construction home to create those lifelong bonds.”

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