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— Name: Michele McDonald

Town: Camden

Birthday: Feb. 17

Occupation: Church Secretary at Zion Hill

Family: Husband, Anthony; 5 children; eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild

Community activities: Habitat for Humanity, Library Board and Queen City Book Club

Favorite hobbies/past times: Cooking and reading

I drive a: 2019 Ford Explorer

The last book I read was: “Hearts of Fire”

My favorite comedian is: The late great Bernie Mac

My favorite type of music is: I’m a music lover, but I mostly listen to gospel.

The last concert I attended was: Will Downing

My favorite all-time movie is: “The Wizard of Oz”

My favorite cartoon is: Bugs Bunny

My all-time favorite television show is: “House”

My favorite historical figure are: Jesus and Barack Obama

My favorite restaurant is: Pappadeaux

My favorite junk food is: Pizza

I absolutely will not eat: Chitterlings

My teenage crush was: Michael Jackson

My heroes are: Jesus Christ and Gail Clardy

My favorite sport is: Softball

My favorite team is: Chicago Bears

My favorite item of clothing: Shoes

You’ll never catch me wearing: A bikini

You’ll never catch me without: Keys, gum and a Bible in some shape, form or fashion.

My favorite vacation spot is: Hawaii

If I could travel to any place in the world free of cost, it would be: Tahiti

My pet peeve is: Fake people

When I’m nervous I: Pray

If I’ve learned anything in life, it’s: Never say never

The best advice I’ve ever been given is: Trust God

If there’s one thing I won’t do, it’s: Skydive or bungee jump

My best trait is: My ability to love without boundaries

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