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— Name: Staci Ann Lamb

Town: Camden, Arkansas

Birthday: March 15, 1970

Occupation: Teacher/Interventionist

Family: Husband – Shawn Lamb; children – Kaci Rudd, Noah Hollis

Community activities: Lockheed Martin Science Night; K-5 Back-to- School Bash; New Home Missionary Baptist Church VBS; and other youth activities

Favorite hobbies/past: Reading, camping, playing sports, shopping, being with family

I drive a: 2007 silver Ford Mustang (Her name is Vanessa;)

The last book I read was: My Bible and ‘Stars of Fortune’ by Nora Roberts

My favorite comedian is: Sebastian Maniscalco

My favorite type of music is: Hip Hop and Hair Bands

The last concert I attended was: Warrant or Sammy Kershaw

My all-time favorite movie is : ‘Gone With the Wind’

My favorite cartoon is: ‘Tom & Jerry’

My all-time favorite television show is: “Friends”

My favorite historical figure is: Moses, Jesus, Squanto, and George Washington

My favorite restaurant is: Gloria’s

My favorite junk food is: French fries

I absolutely will not eat: Chitterlings

My teenage crush was: John Stamos

My heroes are: Jesus and my dad

My favorite sports is: Basketball

My favorite team is: San Antonio Spurs

Four guests I would invite to my fantasy dinner party are: Jesus, Mamaw Lorraine, Captain America, and Chris Hemsworth

My favorite item of clothing/accessory is: Silver rings w/children’s names on them,

You’ll never catch me wearing: Crocs

Three items you will never catch me without: Wedding ring, watch. (I hope we’re not talking about clothes)

My favorite vacation spot is Lake Greeson

If I could travel to any place in the world free of cost it would be: Hawaii

My pet peeve is: Drama, drama, drama

When I’m nervous I: bite the sides of my fingers and clear my throat a lot

If I’ve learned anything in life it’s: Put God first, then family, then others

The best advice I’ve ever been given is: To trust Jesus Christ as my savior and live each day for Him

If there’s one thing I won’t do , it’s: Climb on the side of TALL cliffs or skydive

My best trait is: Empathy for others

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