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— A Camden woman charged with kidnapping and beating another woman while broadcasting the attack on Facebook live has put forth a motion to substitute council in Ouachita County District Court.

Dhasia Wade is charged with kidnapping, burglary, terroristic threatening, third degree battery and theft of property.

During her first appearance Wade was given $25,000 bond and told to have no contact with Desaray Clarke.

In June, Camden Police Department officders were dispatched to a residence on Johnson Street in reference to a residential burglary report. The reporting party stated that Wade had kicked the door in and kidnapped a woman there . The officers went to 310 Johnson and made contact with the victim and a male.The victim stated she was inside the residence when she heard a loud bang to the front door and two black females - later identified as Wade and Takira Burnell - came inside and began attacking her. She stated she was punched in the face and head multiple times and also hit in the head multiple times with the hilt of a fixed blade knife Wade was carrying. Wade reportedly then drug her outside the residence by her hair. She went on to say the two girls drug her down the street toward Carver Street to a parked car on Stewart Street. She was placed in the car and the girls put her on Facebook Live saying they had kidnapped her, and were going to kill her and take her back to where she was from. The victim said they stopped at a gas station, and that’s when she noticed her boyfriend pull up to the same gas station. She said Wade ran out of the store and began trying to leave with her still in the car, but he was able to stop her by ramming Wade’s car with his own and disabling it. The victim said Wade ran into his car and Wade got out and jumped on the hood of the car with a knife. She said they drove off and the woman fell off the hood and they went back to the home on Johnson Street where they called the police.

Another witness that lived on Johnson Street recorded the incident on Snapchat and agreed to let CPD record the video they took. Officers observed Wade and Burnell getting out of their car which was parked on Carver Street near Stewart Street walking toward a residence on Johnson. Once on Johnson, officers observed both Wade and Burnell go inside the home and after a short period of time, both came out with Wade dragging the victim by her hair out the front door. Wade stopped and handed some items to Burnell then proceeded to punch several times in the face yelling at her ‘Lets go b**’ several times, and “Move your a or I’m going to hit you again.” Both Wade and Burnell then drag the victim down to Carver Street toward their parked car near Stewart, and forced her into the car. The witness then videoed the front of the house where the door was kicked in. The witness then talked to the boyfriend and old him of what just happened and stated that Wade and Burnell had a small kitchen knife with them also.

Wade and Burnell were transported to the station without incident. Both are facing charges of residential burglary, robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, theft of property under $1,000 and third-degree battery.

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