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— By Bradly Gill

Staff writer

A Camden man was sentenced to 10 years in the Arkansas Department of Corrections after breaking probation in a break in that occurred February 1, 2018.

Court documents state, On February 1, 2018 around midnight, video surveillance footage captured Carl Jerome Tate approach the business “Jake’s Club” on a bicycle. Tate then broke a side window and entered the business through the broken window.

Inside the business the surveillance video showed Tate opening cooler doors, removing hamburger meat, alcohol, and approximately $2.00 from a tip jar before leaving the business through the side window.

The business was not open for business at the time Tate entered and he had no consent from the owner to be in the business or to remove any property from the business. Officers familiar with Carl Tate positively identified him in the video. Carl Tate’s son was seen with the same bicycle depicted in the video approximately 8 hours after the burglary occurred.

In a 2016 incident Tate knocked on the door of a friend and said his dad was going to give them some beer, the two then began walking to Karn Street where Tate’s dad lived. Once they arrived, Tate walked up behind him the victim and began choking him.

Tate then grabbed his jacket, pulled it over his head and reached in his pocket and stole his wallet. The wallet contained $10.00 to $20.00.

Documents show that Tate repeatedly violated parole and failed drug tests.

Tate had previously been convicted of commercial burglary theft of property, robbery, kidnapping and residential burglary.

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