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During the Camden City Council on Tuesday, the Mayor Julian Lott and the Board of Aldermen heard from members of the community, as well as a request from director of Camden Public Works Director Shamir Dorsey regarding a wage increase for his employees at Tuesday night’s Camden City Council Meeting.

After the December minutes - as well as the water and sewer financials - were approved, Lott gave a short slideshow presentation about Robert’s Rules of Orders for those who might be unfamiliar with the procedures of the council’s meetings.

Information from the internet states that “Robert’s Rules of Order” is the most widely used manual of parliamentary procedure in the United States. It governs the meetings of a diverse range of organizations—including church groups, county commissions, homeowners associations, nonprofit associations, professional societies, school boards, and trade unions.”

During the audience participation portion of the meeting, a resident said that public works department removed a tree that had fallen across the road, but has still not removed it from his property.

Another resident was worried about traffic and a potential for accidents involving pedestrians.

Also, a resident complained about sewage problems in her neighborhood. According to the resident, her home had to be reconnected to the main sewer line after her road had been redone. Since then, she has been told the road has shifted and she would need to reconnect the line.

Lott said that while he couldn’t make any commitments at the time, he would look into it again.

Alderman Marvin Moore said that he had previously had sewer problems as a result of work done on the streets.

Alderman Joe Askew said he had visited with the resident and sent the water department to look at her property.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, Lott said he was unable to give a complete mayor’s report because he did not yet a password, to the mayor’s email account, but that he attended a presentation from Scenic Hill Solar about bringing solar power to the city of Camden.

Scenic Hill Solar’s website states, “Scenic Hill Solar provides clients clean electricity, reduced energy prices and long-term electricity price certainty by developing client specific solar energy plans. Scenic Hill Solar provides clients lower priced renewable electricity either under contract or through turnkey delivery of solar power plants, with the selection depending on our clients’ specific needs.”

During the meeting, Resolution No. 04-19, a resolution authorizing a budget amendment for salary increases for the Camden Public Work departments for garage, street, disposal and collection was approved 6-2.

Camden Public Works Director Shamir Dorsey requested that his workers receive an eight-percent raise because it has been several years since his department had had a wage increase. He noted that public works is responsible for sanitation and such jobs as collecting animal corpses from the roadways.

Alderman L.E. Lindsey voted against the resolution saying that there was nothing to stop another department head from attending the next meeting asking for more money.

“I believe it was a great decision. The guy’s really deserve the eight percent. I wish we could have got more, but I’m not trying to break anybody,” Dorsey said after the meeting.

In new business:

• Resolution No. 01-19, a resolution recognizing Meetings and Procedures as set forth in the Code of Ordinances of the City of Camden Arkansas, and adopting other procedural rules was unanimously approved

• Resolution No. 02-19, a resolution confirming the re-appointment of Tessa Wilson to the Camden Housing Authority Board of Commissioners was unanimously approved

• Resolution No. 03-19, amending the City of Camden’s Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual to reflect Executive Order No. 47 that all city employees are to be included in the educational incentive and certification pay.

• Resolution No. 05-19, a resolution approving the appointment of Tina Davis to the Water and Sewer Commission was unanimously approved

• Resolution No. 06-19, a resolution accepting donated property located at 561 Pierce Street SW was unanimously approved

• Resolution No. 07-19, a resolution declaring the burned structure located at 120 Van Buren Street NW a public nuisance and to order the removal of the same was tabled after City Attorney Michael Frey said that the will was still involved in a legal dispute and the Estate of Richard Milner.

The structure is suspected to have been burned in July of 2018 by Milner’s nephew, who is currently awaiting trial on arson charges.

• Ordinance No. 01-19, an ordinance assessing a lien on property located at 662 Frazier Street SW passed unanimously

• Ordinance No. 02-19, an ordinance assessing a lien on property located at 457 Carver Street SW was removed, as the city had received a check for the lien.

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