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The Camden Municipal Airport Commission announced during the group’s monthly meeting on Friday that they have been awarded two grants: One for a hangar door, and one for clean up of the old fairgrounds.

The hangar-door grant was awarded in the amount of $67,500 as part of a a 50/50 grant from the state, while the clean-up grant from the federal government at $135,000.

In other old business, the board heard an offer to lease the old Hug and Hall property and storage building for $2,000 a month, with an option to renew after five years. The board decided to make a counter-offer of $2,500 with an option to increase to $3,000 at the five year mark.

In other business, Kyle Gatling said that Jesse Nix of Nix’s Airport Liquor approached him about a third party setting up a food truck in the parking lot of his store. The board said that as long as it was not sub-leased, they didn’t see a problem with it.

In new business, Dale Clark, who currently leases the airport terminal, addressed the issue of unauthorized vehicles speeding down the airport runway and wondered what could be done about people gaining access.

In January of last year, board member Andrew Dawson said, “We put in a very limited number of numerical codes that went to police and fire and city officials. It feels like those codes are getting out to ‘everyone and their brother.’ I came up here the other day and three cars were on the tarmac.”

The board stated that they could change the codes, but no decision by the group was made to address the issue.

During the meeting, Camden City Attorney Michael Frey also noted that while Clark rents the terminal and is in the process of becoming the FBO for the airport, an FBO agreement has not been signed.

Previously, the commission had advertise for an FBO seeking for a company that would:

• Provide aircraft sales, leasing and charter services

• Provide aircraft rentals and flight instruction

• Provide courtesy car/rental vehicles

• Full-service aircraft refueling

• Hangar administration

• Mowing services

• Normal building maintenance service

• Runway/taxiway lighting, beacon maintenance

• Seven-day-per-week service

• After-hours call-out service

• Liaison with FAA for grant submission and administration

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