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Jim Thomas

September 11, 2019 at 9:56 a.m.

— Name: Jimi Bingo McGee… I mean… Jim Thomas

Town: Currently, the wonderful city of Camden, AR

Birthday: Feb 29. Yes, I’m a leap kid.

Occupation: Freelance radio host, DJ, and kitchen help for Camden businesses.

Family: The ones I chose. They know who they are. My brothers and sisters.

Community activities: I’ve volunteered for job fairs, community cleanup, and will do anything I can to help the community of Camden.

Favorite hobbies/past: I’m a Sci-Fi and Horror geek.I drive a: Janky Hyundai… c’mon… y’all see me.

The last book I read was: A Modest Proposal. It was a re-read, but still.

My favorite comedian is: George Carlin. The only man who could pray to Joe Pesci.

My favorite type of music is: METAL! BLACK METAL! I mean… Metallica.

The last concert I attended was: KISS.

My all-time favorite movie is : “The Dark Crystal”. (Amethyst is my birthstone)

My favorite cartoon is: Rick and Morty

My all-time favorite television show is: Friends

My favorite historical figure is: Gene Wilder. If that doesn’t count, Jean Paul Satre

My favorite restaurant is: Allen’s. Best Burger in town!

My favorite junk food is: Cheetos.

I absolutely will not eat: Fish. Allergic.

My teenage crush was: Adrienne Barbeau.

My heroes are: Batman, Batman, and The Batman

My favorite sports is: Hockey

My favorite team is: The Dallas Cowboys, even though they don’t play hockey

Four guests I would invite to my fantasy dinner party are: 1) Issac Asimov 2) Edgar Allen Poe

4) Charles Shroedinger

Yeah, there’s a joke in there.

My favorite item of clothing/accessory is: My watch

You’ll never catch me wearing: Women’s undergarments

Three items you will never catch me without: Pocket knife. Backup pocket knife. Tertiary pocket knife.

My favorite vacation spot is: The beach… Sandy Beach, to be precise.

If I could travel to any place in the world free of cost it would be: Waffle House.

My pet peeve is: People who talk about me without talking to me first.

When I’m nervous I: Make jokes.

If I’ve learned anything in life it’s: You have this one mortal coil… unspool it for you, enjoy it as it happens, and love every moment.

The best advice I’ve ever been given is: Life is too short for stupid ****

If there’s one thing I won’t do , it’s: Eat anything that could eat me first

My best trait is: My smooth, sexy, bald head. I mean… wait… MY EYES! I MEAN MY EYES!


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