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— Name:

Kennedy M. Lee


Varsity Girls Track & Field

What has been your best memory from playing this sport?:

I have a lot memories from track. I have learned something from all of the coaches that I’ve had. I will always remember Coach Tucker’s stories, Coach Weidmaier’s weird humor, and Coach Lewis’s jokes. I had the opportunity to go to an indoor meet in Fayetteville my first year of doing high school track. By the end of my first year of track I had completed a new personal record in the 400. Last year I made it to State in all of my events (400, 4x1, and 4x4). I also enjoyed the support of my family during all of my track meets.

What was your personal goal(s) that you hoped to accomplish this year?:

This year I wanted to beat my personal record in the 400, get better at triple jump, and to make it to state again.

Favorite teammate and why?:

I cannot say that I have a favorite teammate because they are all unique in their own ways.

Something the coach told you that you will remember in life:

It wasn’t Coach Tucker’s exact words, but “ I know you can do it.” (He was always motivating and supporting me as I ran my event.) After my first track meet Coach Tucker said jokingly “ that monkey was on ya back.”

What has representing your school/city in sports meant to you?:

I was honored to wear a jersey that represented my school and city. It was fun being able to play sports for Camden Fairview.

Favorite Hobby besides sports?:

I love spending time with my family, shopping, cooking, baking, watching movies, listening to music, fishing, and babysitting my little cousins.

Favorite Pro Athlete and why?:

Sha’Carri Richardson. She does Track & Field for LSU. She works hard to get better, she’s beaten records, gotten lots of awards for her accomplishments. Sha’Carri shows that she enjoys what she does. If I did continue doing track, I would strive to get like her.

Future plans:

I will be attending Southern Arkansas University. I plan on majoring in Business Administration and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Business.

What message would you leave to next year’s teammates?:

Do not take anything for granted. Have fun and enjoy the sport while you can. Never give up and strive to become better. Remember that hard work pays off!

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