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— Even the most casual of University of Arkansas Razorback basketball fans, perhaps having lost a little interest and enthusiasm during the last several lean seasons, must be now getting excited and calling the Hogs.

Because, unless you’ve been off hunting the Boggy Creek Monster or been otherwise out of touch, you will have noticed the Razorback men’s basketball team is – drum roll please – 12-1. And a trip to rival LSU (fourth in the SEC at 1-0 and 9-4) is next up for the Hogs.

If you’re scratching your head and trying to remember when the Razorbacks started out this hot, so were we. The UA sports information folks at Fayetteville help us out by pointing out that the last time the Razorbacks went this deep into January with just one loss was during its national championship season of 1993-94. That team didn’t lose its second game until January 19.

Wow, not getting ahead of ourselves, but we’re in some rarified air here and the rest of the nation is taking some notice. Although we haven’t cracked the Top 25 yet, the Razorbacks have received 25 votes by the rankings gurus.

But, as the voice on TV commands ... wait ... there’s more.

The Arkansas women’s basketball team is off to a 13-2 start this season.

An exciting game is on tap for Thursday when the Razorback women will take on 14-1 South Carolina.

Who could have imagined last year at this time that Razorback basketball fans would be witnessing such a turn-around? And isn’t it fun to realize that looking forward to a return to a March Madness run is an actual possibility, not just dreaming of days we used to know?

We’ll be joining you and the rest of Razorback World watching tonight and Thursday.

Woo, Pig, Sooie – Go Razorbacks.

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