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— Camden News Staff

The Camden News presents today the latest installment of “Cold Case Files,” a new series that the paper will run on Thursdays in the digital edition.

Each case will run over the course of several weeks and will feature cold case files from the Camden Police Department and the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Department.

Between the cold cases from the CPD and the OCSD, the Camden News will feature a missing person’s case.

Today’s file is the report of a skull found near 139 Grinstead Street in the 1980s. The skull was that of an adult, the lower jaw was missing as well as the left cheekbone. What appeared to be bullet hole was located at the rear of the skull.

Coming weeks will feature a forensic report detailing possible age and timeline of death for the the victim.

This series is an attempt to bring closure to those affected by the murder, and justice for the victim. Anyone with information about this case can call the CPD at 870-836-5755.

Gallery: Cold Case files: Jan. 9

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