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— The Camden News recently asked readers via Facebook how they felt about recent regulations requiring the use of face coverings in public spaces. Many readers reached out; here are some of their responses:

Linda Jeanice Quarles Harper

“No, I have heart disease and afib and cannot breathe in those masks, I carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go and use it very frequently, I think it should be a person’s choice to wear a mask or not to wear one.”

Tammy M Gerrow Tyler

”We are a free people. If you want to wear a mask wear it. If you don’t well then don’t. If the masks work then those who wear it have peace of mind. We take our chances every day with viruses, bacteria and whatever else is in our environment. God gave us an immune system and it works well. Eat right, exercise daily, avoid stressful situations, get restful sleep and learn to relax a little.”

Kelly Marie

”Yes, I do. If I’m wearing mine to try to protect you, I would like you to do the same…especially when I’m taking all my precautions to stay healthy.”

Dorothy Ingram

”Yes I support it..wear a mask..It’s not like you have to keep it on all day..let’s stay safe.”

Sara Mitchell

“Yes. It’s the right thing to do, and to placate those who are against it, it’s the BEST thing to do.’

Jeff Dodson

” No, because it should be a personal decision!!!”

Linda Roberson Baugh

“No I don’t because it doesn’t help and I can’t breath in them.”

Carson Wreyford

“No. I respect the people who choose to but I don’t think people should force their fear on everyone else.”

Laura Gamble

“It’s the governments way of controlling people. First it’s the mask then it’s cards only to pay for stuff. What’s next?”

Bobbie Murry Buckner

“Most of the world enacted mask and stay at home orders and have done better than America. So yes, I support the mask order. Scientists, doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers support wearing a mask. So, yes I support wearing a mask.”

Mike Ponder

”No because the virus particles are so small they can go through the mask and around the nose area it can get in around there”

Krystal Warner

”No because the mask we wear isn’t saving us from anything … I know people who have had mask on and still contracted the virus …what if you have a medical condition that you cant wear one … and the people can’t ask why you don’t have one on because its against HIPAA … this is ridiculous …. it isnt helping anyone and the fear in people is unreal.”

Diana Miller Mason

“I don’t wear a mask, I think I have a better chance with out one.”

Louise McMahan


Jason Powers

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Paula Booker Graves

“Yes, I support it. Why because if it means stopping the spread of this awful virus then I’m all for it. Another reason is I want people who I come in contact with to feel to safe and I appreciate the same in

return. “

Deborah Ferguson Davis

“Yes. Not just because I have underlying health conditions but also because I’m willing to do this, something so minute, to help get things back to normal/healthy and safe, our schools opened, etc.”

Amber Green

“No I sure don’t!”

LaVonda Diemer

“Certainly we should be mindful of others so if I want you to accept my wearing of a mask I must accept the fact that you may not wear a mask. I pray that you also understand when I deny you access to my personal space because of that choice.”

Willia Mae Temple

”I’m still trying to figure out what is different now from what we already had except a business can seek help if someone who should wear a mask doesn’t. I assume that could have already been done also.”

Ralph Roberson

”No!! If you want to wear a mask wear one but don’t force me too.”

Diana Brooks Sawyers

“No, I absolutely do not believe it to be in the best interest of the population and the health of our community. It is my body, my choice, or does that ONLY work for abortions?”

Tonja Belt

“No one I can’t breath with it on I get hot in a blink of an eye and I really get hot with the mask on but one thing no one has said yet is it can enter thru your eyes the particles can and will enter your eyes. If you watch the news like I do you see medical staff not only wear mask but face shields to which protects there eyes plus there covered from head to toe. I don’t think just wearing a mask and washing your hands will protect you sounds like to me you need to cover every inch of your body or take showers every time you go out cuss it could get on your arms or in your hair then you touch them places and bam. Look at the news see how covered they are and tell me just wearing a mask will work and some of the medical staff still gets sick so how can a mask help. You shut everything down and then open it back up and now we are worst off then before. Am I afraid yes am I worried yes I would hate to know I gave it to someone and they died that would haunt me forever. But just wearing a mask no there was a dr coming home after helping New York he did everything he could and still got it cuz he didn’t cover his eyes. I dont know what the answer is but it will seem funny if after the election all this crap goes away. Oh and rounding off your purchase cuz there is no change how do you feel about that? Or that we will only be able to use a debit card instead of cash?”

Deane Quarles

”I’m not a fan of being told I have to wear a mask. I might have to to shop for necessities but I will not like it. I have several reasons but here are just three:

“During any visit to the grocery store, Walmart…half the people with masks have them below their nose, hanging by an ear or around their neck. Even if I did believe wearing masks helped everyone has to wear them correctly or it really does no one any good.

“Next, I went to the local clinic for blood work last week and I dutifully went in with my mask. The medical people I saw in the clinic except for 3 or 4 were all wearing masks half on. If they don’t follow instructions or think it’s important why should I?

“And finally, I had an appointment last week with a surgeon in North Little Rock. Again, per their request my mask is on. But as the nurse was doing my BP & pulse her mask was down below her chin. When I asked her about it she immediately pulled it up. But when I assured her I didn’t believe it did any good. She pulled it back down, smiled and said you’re right, it does no good.

Those are three experiences that make me say no to the masks.”

Duane Wallace

”No, I’m not wearing one, our mortality rate per person is not even 2 per cent, I do not believe the mask does anything for the tiny virus 1,7 microbes, cdc should clear this up but now under Political pressure, but Google your mask, it’s protection level is at 19-20, lil virus goes right thru, cdc told the truth in the beginning, but now, wants to spread doubt, it’ll all be gone in November! Ha”

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