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— By Bradly Gill

News Editor

Two suspects in an a shooting that took pace at a local night club have had their first appearance according to documents from the Ouachita County District Court.

Ryan White, 25, a security guard at The Right Spot, is charged with aggravated assault and first-degree battery; and Kenya Taylor, 45, is charged with attempted murder and first-degree battery. Both have been released on bond.

According to documents, on May 24, near 1:45 a.m., the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Department was dispatched to The Right Spot Hookah Bar and Lounge to a report of shots fired and a suspect fleeing from the scene.

Just seven minutes later, dispatch received a call from the Ouachita County Medical Center stating that they had a 16 year old that had just came in with a gunshot wound to his leg, according to court records. After responding to The Right Spot and finding it abandoned, a deputy relocated to the Medical Center where he made contact with the juvenile and his mother. He was advised that the juvenile had been shot at The Right Spot. At 2:16 a.m., Ryan White was admitted with a gunshot wound on his arm, records say.

Captain David Pennington spoke with the juvenile and White at OCMC, but they both stated that they did not see the individual who fired the shots, according to court records. The mother of the juvenile stated that she had no idea what happened and was not present at the time of the shooting.

On May 27, The Ouachita County Sheriff’s Department conducted a search warrant on The Right Spot that was signed on that date by Judge Hamilton Singleton. Deputies seized all audio/video and storage devices that were located inside The Right Spot on May 28.

On June 1, Ta’ki Willis spoke to Sheriff’s deputies and stated that he and his sister, Katalyia Willis — the mother of the juvenile who was shot — were, in fact, at the nightclub when the shooting occurred. Willis stated that his security person, Ryan White had been into an argument with a man called Pee Wee, according to court records. He stated that it ended up outside the bar and that White pulled a firearm on Pee Wee, records say.

Shortly after the incident, Willis stated a man came from the side of the building and starting firing. White allegedly returned fire and that was when the juvenile was struck in the leg, records say.

On June 12, video recordings from the storage devices found during the search of the nightclub were viewed.

In the recording, deputies witnessed a man wearing a black hat, white shirt and blue jean shorts identified as Kenya Lavon Taylor inside The Right Spot buying drinks and talking to other patrons. Deputies also witnessed a man wearing blue jeans and a multicolored jacked identified as Ryan White, the security guard, documents say.

Deputies witnessed several patrons, including Ryan White, Richard Randolph, Ta’ki Willis, Katalyia Willis and the juvenile walk outside. Kenya Taylor was also seen walking outside and going to the back of the building. Deputies also observed several people arguing at the front entrance of the bar where White pulled a handgun on another man, according to court documents. The argument appeared to be deescalated by Ta’ki Willis.

Deputies also observed Kenya Taylor pull up in and exit a white Ford F-`150 that was found to belong to him while watching the security tape, records say. Taylor was observed walking back around to the front of the building where he could be seen firing several shots at White before beginning to chase White.

Curt records say that as White was running in front of the building, he returned fire. White can be seen in the recordings being shot in the arm and the juvenile being shot in the leg, records say.

Ta’ki and Kataylia Willis were charged in June with with Hindering Apprehension or Prosecution. The latter is also charged with first degree Endangering the Welfare of a Minor.

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