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— Special to the Camden News

Kathy Boyette, director of Maul Road Church of Christ Food Pantry is excited to announce that it has received funding from the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance through the Walmart Foundation

The 2020 Emergency Food Relief Grant gave feeding programs and other organization across Arkansas the chance to apply for up to $1,500, or $3,000 in an emergency, to help provide much needed financial relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Alliance received 240 applications for this grant, totaling over S400,000 in aid requests. Through a grant from the Walmart Foundation, the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance awarded $537,000 in sub-grants to 126 deserving Arkansas nonprofit and organizations

Maul Road Food pantry will use the funding received to provide food for the increased clients they are providing food for during the COVID crisis

With this sub-grant, they will be able to continue their work helping Arkansans in need during the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

About the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance

Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance, end partner in Arkansas for the No Kid Hungry campaign is a non-profit collaborative network of more than 520 hunger relief organizations across Arkansas Our founding members include the Arkansas Foodbank in Little Rock, the Food Bank of Northeast Arkansas in Jonesboro, Harvest Regional Food Bank in Texarkana, Food Bank of North Central Arkansas in Norfork, Northwest Arkansas Food Bank in Bethel Heights and River Valley Regional Food bank in Fort Smith. The Alliance is a collaborative organization that works on behalf of Arkansans facing hunger. We invite you to visit for details on hunger relief program volunteer opportunities and donor information

About Philanthropy at Walmart represent the philanthropic efforts of Walmart and the Walmart

Foundation. By leaning in where our business has unique strengths, we work to

tackde key social issues and collaborate with others to spark long-lasting systemic

change. Walmart has son in 27 countries, employing more than 2 million

sociates and doing business with thousands of suppliers who, in tum, empl

millions of people. is helping people Hve better by supporting

programs that work to accelerate upwand job mobility for utline workers,

address hunger and make healthier, more sustainably grown food a reality, and

build strong communities where Walmart operates.

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