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— Camden News staff report

Last week, the Camden News posed a question to readers on our Facebook page.

“Do you war a face mask according to CDC recommendations while in public? Why or why not?”

Here are some of the answers we got:

Gordon Maroney: “This is an “Am I my brother/sister’s keeper?” moment. You wear the facemask to protect others in case you are infected & no, you may not know you are infected. You wear the gloves to protect yourself.”

Sherrie Walker Simpson: “Yes”

Essie Arnold: “For those that don’t wear a mask, how would you feel if your surgeon did not wear one during your surgery. Would it be ok? What if they said they cannot breathe with it on? What if they said they were breathing too much carbon or whatever? It is a personal choice of course, but I can put up with a mask for the short amount of time I am out. Sick people have been wearing them for years per doctors’s orders when they are out. Saying this, I DO wear one and don’t want you getting too close to me and letting out a cough or sneeze.”

Becky Hovelson-Bodenhamer: “I do when I go too Walmart or any other store. I feel if we all do some small part weather it be social distancing, washing our hands, or wearing a bandana or a mask life can get back to normal quicker. I also wear one for my own protection. I have life to live. I believe it’s a choice, yes this is and always be the land of the free and the brave. But how long do you want to cook your own meals, not be able to go too a live music venue, get back in church, hug your elder parent who is in lockdown at a nursing home. We all have choices but we also have responsibilities. It’s not near the sacrifice that Jesus did for us. So let’s just do our part, what ever that looks like for you”

Joni Taffar: “I do not wear one in most places. I keep my distance. I believe masks that are high enough quality to protect you from coronavirus, holds the carbon against your face, so you are inhaling CO2 instead of oxygen thus reducing your immune system. But whether someone does or does not, it should be a personal choice, not required or enforced”

Heather Floyd Parker: Here are more questions that need to be asked:

*Do you wear a disposable mask more than once?

*Do you touch your mask before sanitizing your hands?

*Do you wear your gloves more than once?

*Do you know how to take gloves off properly?

*Do you open mail without gloves?

*Do you sanitize your debit card after you pay for your fast food?

*Do you wear gloves inside your car?

*Do you use a pen/pencil to mark off items on your shopping list and then put it in you purse to use again?

*Do you pick up an item and then put it back on the shelf?

*Do you use your phone while shopping?

*Do you sanitize the key pad?

*Do you reuse walmart bags for small trash cans?

*Do you wear shoes inside your house?

*Do you sanitize the cups or straw paper you get from sonic before opening?

I mean, there are a million ways that we spread bacteria by not wearing a mask and staying 6 feet away (a cough or sneeze can actually carry microbes up to 10 feet).

For those that keep bringing up medical professions and how we would feel if they did not wear a mask and gloves, they toss them immediately after in a contamination bin. They do not reuse them!”

Seth Easterling: “I do not. I don’t feel that I need one. But… I do keep my distance from others when I’m out shopping and such. And not so much for me but for them. I’m respectful of their space. I don’t get close to people in line or when I’m looking for an item. I try to keep my distance in order to make them feel comfortable and be respectful of their space. If I don’t wear a mask, and am respectful of others peoples space and keep a distance from them and don’t crowd them, I feel as if I’m taking the risk upon myself and not putting others in harms way.”

Anastasia Dunn: “Yes I do when I go into stores and disposable gloves, plus staying 6 feet away from folks. I work around folks, and I have a family to take care of. I don’t want the Rona or give the Rona to them.”

Hillary Graves: “I wear a mask some of the time. And stay my 6ft from people. The gloves are pointless unless you are wearing more then 1 on each hand. People should really change the gloves after touching stuff. I try to go to Walmart only once a month.”

Linda K Mcfadden Martin: “No…I dont wear a mask…I do social distance and wash and sanitize my hands…I’ve found if I wear a mask and glasses. They fog up and I can’t see…so its mask or see”

Debra Scott: “Yes! Just returned from Washington and know how real the virus is.”

Liz Ann Brewer: “No, I do not. Because I know there is nothing to be afraid of. I see the whole truth of what’s going.”

Nate Nance: “No, because I’m a free American, and I can do what I want.”

Kristi Teater Manning: “No! I feel this is a media issue!! But I do stay 6 feet away from the people wearing a mask!!!”

Fae Adams: “Yes, yes I do, because I have health issues and follow my doctor’s orders to wear one while in public”

Norma Jean Pierce Murillo: “Yes I wear a mask and gloves, plus I try to stay 6ft from people. Which so many are not wearing mask or gloves and don’t stay 6ft I really get upset with them.”

Carolyn Massey Swaty: “Yes for my protection, my family and yours. Please extend the same courtesy to me and mine.”

Gloria Brown -Cooper: “In my car no I don’t but as soon I get out to go in somewhere I always try and put it on.”

Gloria Williams: “Yes I feel it protects me from others”

Heather Lynnette Ponder: “No. I don’t feel that I need to but I do make my 10 yo son wear one”

LaVonda Diemer: “Yes”

Editor’s note: Some responses were edited for grammar or punctuation; no words were added or removed to any responses.

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