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Good things come to those who seek them

April 28, 2021 at 9:17 a.m.

By: Lacy Olivarez

“Good things come to those who wait.” What a deceitful line. Waiting for something that you want or need is ridiculous; if you wait for it, it will never come to you. You have to go out into the world and fight for it like we as people have all of our lives. Good things only come to those who fight for it.

If someone stole something valuable to you as you were walking on the sidewalk, you wouldn’t wait for the cops to find the suspect; you’d chase after the man or woman. The same goes for your dreams. You wouldn’t let someone steal your dreams and hope that one day they will come true; you’d fight for your dreams because you know that they are important and don’t need to wait.

Alexander Hamilton fought for what he wanted and succeeded, but Aaron Burr waited and failed. Alexander Hamilton wrote his way out of hell himself and wouldn’t wait for anyone to help him. He was courageous and a bit self-oriented, but he was altogether stubborn. Aaron Burr was the complete opposite. He waited for what he wanted and needed, standing still like he was paralyzed. He ultimately never got to see his dreams succeed.

Therefore, fight for whatever it is that you need to. Good things do not come to those who stand still all of their life, waiting. Good things come to those who fight their revolutions and win, lose or make mistakes. Good things happen to those who live their lives and not stand for nothing just to fall for everything. Fight for it.]

Lacy Olivarez is a junior at Camden Fairview High School.


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