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City Council takes steps to fix gazebo at Sandy Beach

by Bradly Gill | August 12, 2021 at 5:00 a.m.

Every ordinance and resolution passed unanimously at Tuesday nights city council meeting, where the Camden Board of Alderman heard , among others, resoultions to apply for grants to fix the gazebo at Sandy Beach, a resolution for Mayor Julian Lott to enter into a contract with the Ouchita Partnership for Economic Development and an appointment confirming Brittany Williamson to the Planning Commission.

In old business the board unanimously passed Ordinance No. 06-21 which amended the City Code and would allow the Airport Commissioner to make purchases up to $1,000 with a credit card. The purchasing process would still require two bids.

In new business:

Resolution No. 47-21, a resolution approving the repair of the Transfer Station Compactor in the Sanitation Division of the Public Works Department passed unanimously.

Resolution No. 48-21, a resolution authorizing Mayor Lott to apply for a Parks and Tourism Grant, and for other purposes. The grant would be a 50/50 grant from the Arkansas Department of Tourism's Outdoor Recreation Grant Program and would be used to fix the gazebo located at Sandy Beach park. An estimate of the total repair cost would be $194,078. Support poles, wooden flooring, lights, the metal roof and boards would all be repaired and replaced. The gazebo would also be water blasted and the wood would be sealed. The resolution passed unanimously.

Resolution No. 49-21, a resolution amending the budget for 2021 passed unanimously. This would create a line item to pay Scenic Solar for the energy bills from the solar fields within the city.

Resolution No. 50-21 a resolution of the city council expressing support for the African American Historical Commission of Camden passed unanimously. The resolution recognized the AAHCC as playing "A vital and important role in the protecting and highlighting the unique history of Camden."

Resolution No. 51-21, a resolution expressing support. Mayor enter into a contract with the Ouachita Partnership for Economic Development passed unanimously. The City of Camden will pay $100,000 to be used for administration of the economic program and the continued employment of an Executive Director, maintenance of the Small Business center and marketing for a period of time through August 2021.

Resolution No. 52-21, a resolution confirming the appointment of Brittany Williamson to the Planning Commission Board of Adjustment passed unanimously.

Williamson is a licensed real estate agent as well as an operations manager for Williamson Real Estate Holdings.

Print Headline: City Council takes steps to fix gazebo at Sandy Beach


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