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— To the Editor:

An unsettling amount of people go above the speed-limit in Camden, which leads to numerous accidents and potential fatalities. Not only does speeding increase the risk of death, but it also impairs the reaction time more than a driver going the speed limit. Because most of Camden is so densely wooded, the visibility is relatively low, which is more dangerous with accelerated speeds. There have been many fatalities in Camden due to traffic accidents, including a young adult who was speeding on Maul Road and passed away from injuries when he lost control of his truck. The number of accidents involving animals in north Camden, including wildlife and even pets, is concerning compared to the rest of the town, with an average of 1-2 animals per week being hit.

Many people know the pain of losing a pet, especially if it is so sudden. Along the sides of the roads of north Camden, specifically Maul Road, it is not uncommon to see a dead animal or, more heartbreakingly, pets due to people not being able to stop in time. An action that can be taken to reduce hit animals and accidents in north Camden could be to implement speed bumps near certain schools and churches to reduce speeds. Another solution would be to implement more police patrol to encourage people to slow down and pay more attention to the roads. By doing this, the roads would be safer and pets would still be in people’s arms rather than on the side of the road.


Bear Moore

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