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— The question is asked, “Where is the president of the United States?” A television reporter answers that Trump is in the Oval Office. But he does issue a statement telling his supporters to stop the lawlessness.

A protestor is shown holding his fist up as he sits at the desk in the well of the Senate.

“You’ll never take back out country with weakness” Trump is quoted as having said earlier, inciting his followers to take violent measures and the scene I see now taking place.

“Call it off,” Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin exhorts Trump. “Think about how messed it is to give people false hope,” he said, of leading people to believe there being a chance of overturning an election.

Republican Rep. Adam Kinsinger of Illinois said the chaos is a result of Republican leaders not having the courage to tell people the truth, that Congress does not have the power to undue the vote of American citizens.

Trump issues another week, ineffective tweet for his supporters to keep the peace. What is sad and disgraceful is knowing that he is sitting in the Oval Office loving it. Indeed. Republican Senator Ben Sasse has now said Trump was described as “delighted” when he witnessed the mayhem from the safety of the White House.

We learn that a person has been shot in the capitol. Later we learn that woman died as did three other people. Still later we learned that at least five people died, including a police officer.

Somebody tweets a May 16, 2016, quote attributed to Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham, who although, becoming a Trump supporter, had said, “If we nominate Trump we will get destroyed … and we will deserve it.”

For those who would suggest all this was a lawful protest, no it was not peaceful and it forcefully prevented the U.S. government from doing its work. “This a mob, not a protest,” says a reporter.

“Tweets do not seem to do the trick,” says a FOX Network reporter of Trump’s failure to directly address the issue. So, FOX, most often blindly supporting the president, shares the view of observers from the mainstream media describing the breach of law and order.

Indeed, aside from his weak tweets, despite calls from lawmakers for Trump to demand an end to the disruption, there still is no word from the president. Interestlngly, while the president remains silent, President-elect Joe Biden addresses the nation, saying, “At this hour our democracy is under an unprecedented assault.” At the conclusion of his remarks, Biden said, “Mr. President, step up.”

And what did the President say when he stepped up? Continuing to whine about a non-existent fraudulent election. He described main stream America as “the other side.” He did say go home, while telling the rioters, “We love you.”

As scary as it has been, there is comfort in knowing that thugs and rabble-rousers will not be allowed to change the course of our democratic government and that sanity will once again be allowed to prevail. Just as soon as the mad house once again becomes the White House.

(Jim Edwards is retired after a lifetime in the newspaper business and for 30 years worked in various positions at the Camden News, El Dorado News-Times and Banner-News of Magnolia. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of this newspaper. Email to [email protected])

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