Camden native offers financial literacy

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By Patric Flannigan

A native of Camden is offering free advice and is hoping to share her experience in finances with the community she was raised in.

Independent Financial Professional Breanna Williams is promoting ways to help businesses, organizations and individuals increase their income and manage their money.

Williams is a 2009 graduate of Camden Fairview High School. After spending over 10 years in the United States Navy, Williams started her own business.

"I learned a lot in the Navy," Williams shared. "Being stationed in different places, I was exposed to many things that aren't taught in school, and finances was one of those things. I wanted to visit home more but also share some of those lessons to help people improve their situations."

During a visit to Camden, she spoke with local elected officials and organizations about ways to ease spending while also being able to increase income. Williams has been explaining the concept of Infinite Banking, which makes money, grows money and protects your money.

"Instead of relying on a bank, you can become your own bank," Williams stated. "The wealthiest families like the Rockefellers built their wealth using this same strategy. There is nothing wrong with investing in the stock market, but do you realize the number of losses you will undergo throughout the years? Also, the market crashes every 8-10 years. So can you imagine trying to retire in 2008 and 2009 during the Housing Crisis? With the Infinite Bank concept, you are locked in. You get most of the upside of the stock market and never the downside when there is a crash. The 401K was created in 1978 by Ted Benna to help business owners save money; it was not intended to be a retirement strategy. But this concept of Infinite Banking has been around since 1913. We were just never taught about it."

Williams also offers guidance with tax-free retirement, college funds, debt consolidation, home-based income, insurance, legacy planning and more.

To find out more, contact Williams by visiting @breannawilliams | Linktree

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