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Camden Water Utilities reminds you to drip your pipes in freezing weather

by Staff Report | December 21, 2022 at 5:00 a.m.

A press release from Camden Water utilities is urging customers to drip their faucets overnight during colder weather

The release states," With the forecast calling for temperatures to be in the teens, Camden Water Utilities would like to remind all citizens in the city and county to let their faucets drip. Letting your faucets drip will prevent the water from standing still in your service lines which will allow it to freeze when temps are this low. It's always a good idea to know how and where to turn your water service off in case of an emergency and have the necessary tools available to do so. If your water service does freeze, go ahead and turn the water off until the weather has warmed up. Chances are, if your water lines have frozen you're going to have a busted water line when it thaws out, which can run your water bill up into the hundreds of dollars if neglected.

"Customers need to also wrap outside faucets and if you have other structures or buildings with water service you need to consider those as well. Inspect those structures and buildings as soon as the temps get above freezing to be assured you don't have a busted line. If your home has a crawl space make sure the vents from the outside are closed or sealed off.

"Dripping water is a small price to pay for insurance to prevent your water service lines from freezing.

"Other things to consider is outside animals. Provide them with a warm place to get out of the wind and make sure their drinking water is not frozen for a long period of time.


David Richardson Camden Water Utilities, General Manager"

Print Headline: Camden Water Utilities reminds you to drip your pipes in freezing weather


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