Videos of two students at Fordyce Junior High School go viral on social media

A video of students fighting in a locker room at Fordyce Junior High School was shared widely on social media Thursday.

The video shows one student approaching a second, calling him explicit names, shoving him and throwing shoes at him until the second student fights back. Other students can be heard laughing in the background.

The video is 34 seconds long, and ends after the first student is seen putting the second in a chokehold until he loses consciousness and subseqently stepping on and kicking him as he's passed out.

A second video shared on social media shows the same students fighting in a classroom. In that video, the second student from the other fight is seen slamming the first on the ground while other students in the class look on.

On Friday, students at Fordyce High School staged a sit-in inside the school in support of victims of bullying.

Fordyce School District Superintendent Dr. Judy Hubbell said she couldn't share information about disciplinary actions taken by the district.

"This video came to light about two days ago and we can't discuss student discipline because that is confidential information. We are in the process of investigating this case and taking care of it," Hubbell said. "We don't want bullying on our campus. We want to have a safe campus, but this just came to light and we are working on this, we are talking through the process."

She said disciplinary measures had been taken.

"There have been disciplinary measures, but I can't tell you what those measures are," she said Friday. "I can't tell you who's involved or anything like that."