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Lott allegedly heard on recording discussing affair

by Bradly Gill | November 15, 2022 at 1:50 p.m.

An audio recording where Mayor Julian Lott is allegedly heard discussing an extramarital affair was provided to the Camden News on Monday afternoon.

On the recording, which was provided by former Assistant to the Mayor Amy Wright-Perrin, who on Sept. 29 filed a sexual harassment lawsuit naming Lott and the City of Camden as defendants, a person Perrin said is Lott is heard speaking about the affair. Perrin said he was speaking to “various city employees in the room that will not be exposed for their protection.”

A transcript of the recording is as follows:

“So my wife is getting ready to go out of town. She says, ‘I’m going to Natchez next week’. I say ‘oh, okay, cool.’ So I call my old girl and say, ‘hey; Nancy’s going to be gone next Thursday and Friday, we need to hook up.’”

Listen to the audio here.

Perrin said the recording was made in 2020 around the formation of the city’s COVID-19 task force.

“Having been retaliated against and slandered continuously, still to this very day and knowingly without a doubt for the days to come. I can and will not let a false self proclaimed prophet, or in the very words of this individual, which can be found in previous media prints and their own livestreams, ‘God Himself” continue to blindly lead the people of this wonderful community and beyond,” Perrin said, explaining her motivation for releasing the recording.

“I am human and as all humans, none is without sin; therefore you will never find me standing behind a pulpit or media platform confessing otherwise,” she continued.

Perrin also stated on his first day of office, Mayor Lott provided her with a recorder to “record him and hold him accountable.”

Neither Lott nor other city officials could be immediately reached for comment about the recording.

On Thursday, Nov. 10, Camden Mayor Julian Lott and the City of Camden were served summons in relation to Perrin’s ongoing sexual harassment complaint, Ouachita County Sheriff David Norwood said. City Attorney Michael Frey confirmed the summons had been received by the city.

“I can confirm that the city received a complaint yesterday filed by a former employee. It is certainly a serious matter and is of the utmost importance due to the nature of the allegations,” Frey said. “The city will file a formal response with the court soon, but I expect the litigation to be long and arduous. It is a sad and bitter moment for Camden and everyone involved.”

In the suit, Perrin alleges that Lott made repeated sexual advances toward her and that when she rebuffed him, he retaliated against her professionally.

In a press release Perrin stated, “I waited until after the general election to announce the lawsuit because I wanted to avoid any claim that the lawsuit was politically motivated.”

Perrin alleges in the suit violation of the Arkansas Civil Rights Act, “outrageous conduct” by Lott and wrongful termination.

The suit requests damages to be awarded due to Perrin’s alleged loss of past and future income, medical bills she sustained as a result of the harassment, extreme emotional distress resulting from the harassment, pain and suffering and “other damages, all in a sum and amount in excess of the minimum amount necessary to confer jurisdiction upon the United States District Court in a diversity of citizenship case.”

The 17-page court filing states that when Lott was first elected, Perrin was “enthusiastic and happy, beginning service … with admiration regarding his vision for the city.” She “respected him for his work ethic and determination.”

The suit alleges that as “Lott became more comfortable in his position and more comfortable with the personnel at the municipal building his behavior changed progressively. At first it was subtle in regards to a sexual relationship with the Plaintiff.”

In May 2020, the suit alleges, Lott asked Perrin to have sexual intercourse with him, and “he promised she would like it.” She refused, “and her career as an employee of the City of Camden was placed in such a position that she had to fear for her job and physical safety every day thereafter,” according to the suit.

According to the suit, when Perrin refused Lott’s advances, “he set a standard of attempting to make her fail in her job duties by withholding necessary information needed to effectively do her and his job, such as withholding information, ignoring calls, texts, emails and assigning last minute deadlines.”

“On numerous occasions Lott withheld information or extended periods of time, only forwarding when a day or two before deadline. This was done in retaliation for plaintiff refusing Lott’s request for sex,” the suit alleges.

Lott also allegedly spoke to Perrin about “his infidelity, sexual conquests and prowess” and told her that “nobody refuses him,” and thanks to his status as mayor and senior pastor at Koinonia of Grace Church, “nobody will believe” her if she came forward with allegations of harassment against him.

A press release from Lott, issued on October 7, insinuated that the lawsuit’s timing was politically motivated, noting his ongoing reelection campaign.

“I would be remiss if I did not draw your attention to the timing of the filing of this lawsuit. The accuser waited to file this lawsuit until the 40th day leading up to Election Day. She worked for the city for over two years after the alleged sexual harassment began. Only after she was terminated did she begin to circulate the false accusations of sexual harassment,” the release states.

This is a developing story. The Camden News will continue to provide updates as they become available.


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