Forbes lists Lockheed Martin as one of 'World's Best Employers'

Lockheed Martin has been ranked #11 among the 'World's Best Employees' survey.

In a press release Kaleb Bennet, Communications Rep for Lockheed Martin states,"We are proud to share that Lockheed Martin has ranked as the top Aerospace and Defense employer and the 11th best company overall in this year's Forbes' World's Best Employers survey. To determine the list, Statista surveyed 150,000 workers from 57 countries, rating their willingness to recommend their own employers to friends and family and to evaluate other employers in their respective industries. Participants rated companies on aspects such as economic impact and image, talent development, gender equality and social responsibility."

The Forbes article states, "Lockheed's chief human resource officer, Greg Karol, says going through Covid helped make Lockheed Martin a stronger company. Virtual work is now ubiquitous--not the norm for an A&D company--with 40% of 114,000 employees working remotely versus 9% pre-pandemic. The company now also offers flexible work hours where employees can opt to work four days a week for ten hours a day versus the traditional five-day structure.

"Karol, who started there in 1986 as a production supervisor, also points to the pandemic spurring 'increased empathy from leadership' as Lockheed began offering employees free tutoring, day care and mental health services.

"Additionally, the company offers robust education reimbursement programs, which he used to get his master's degree in human resources on the company's dollar. Today Lockheed offers a maximum reimbursement of $72,500 for engineering and doctoral degrees and scales for other degrees. This year, Lockheed Martin also awarded 350 students $3 million in STEM and vocational scholarships."