Morrison slated to leave SAU Tech, accept position in Texas

SAU Tech announced on Monday the upcoming resignation of Dr. Jason Morrison, who has served the college for the last six years as Chancellor.

Dr. Morrison stated, "Stephanie, Brennan, and I have enjoyed our time at SAU Tech and are genuinely grateful for all the support shown us during the past six years. This move is right for my family, and I am leaving SAU Tech in a position of strength for the future. I am confident its future leaders will continue leading the College, making Tech great!"

Morrison announced to SAU Tech staff and faculty on Feb. 13, that he had accepted the nomination for president of the Trinity Valley Community College system in Athens, Texas. Under Texas state law, the official announcement will come on March 6, 2023. His last official day at SAU Tech will be May 31, 2023.

Morrison told the Camden News, "May 31 will be my last day on campus. I don't want to miss graduation. That's extremely important to me. I've gotten to know so many of these kids and I want to see them walk across that stage and share in their success."

Under his leaderships, SAU Tech started a men's and women's basketball team as well as baseball and softball teams.

He also replaced outdated dormitories and strengthened SAU Tech's workforce program, which provides training to Highland Industrial Park, and oversaw the development of a solar power field at the college.


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