Escaped inmates all in custody according to Magnolia Police

Update: All inmates are in custody according to Magnolia Police Department

Update: 4:56 pm: The jailers are recovering from their injuries that were sustained during the inmates' escape.

Meadow Saulsberry and Dariusz Patterson were arrested in Monroe, LA. The only other inmate at large is Rico Rose.

Both vehicles have been recorvered.  have also recovered both vehicles.

Nikki Kirkpatrick and Keaton Kirkpatrick were arrested for failure to appear warrants from our county, and other charges will be added upon further investigation.

Update 11:40 am: Denickolas Brown is in custody at this time. The other three inmates remain at large.

Four inmate escaped the Columbia County jail, Sheriff Leroy Martin announced. 

Denickolas Brown, Dariusz Patterson, Meadow Saulsbury and Rico Rose should be considered armed and dangerous, an alert issued by the CCSO states. 

The alert states the inmates are in vehicles, not on foot. They may be in a gold Ford Escape, license plate 929 ZER; or a white Toyota Carolla, license plate AEP12K, both Arkansas plates.

  photo  Denickolas Brown, Rico Rose, Meadow Saulsberry and Dariusz Patterson escaped the Columbia County Jail, but have all been apprehended as of this morning.