Camden Police Department to hold Citizens Police Academy

Ever dreamed of what it would be like to be a police officer?

The Camden Police Department is offering a Citizens Police Academy that will let those who have do just that very thing.

Starting March 28 and continuing through May 9, the CPD Citizens Police Academy will take residents through the ins and outs of every day police work.

"It is a program that we hope that is equally entertaining and interactive as it is informational," CPD Public Information Officer Asante Rogers said. "I'm new and even I'm learning things I didn't know went on in the police department."

Rogers said there are many demonstrations planned, to give participants a feel of what police life is like.

"We're going to have a live SWAT demonstration where they get to go into a house and they get to sweep the house and things like that," she said.

Participants will also learn how to conduct traffic stops, learn criminal investigation techniques and visit the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy in East Camden.

Rogers said the Citizens Police Academy is one example of the community-oriented policing practiced by the department.

She said, "That's up there with the most important thing, because we need to bridge the gap between the community and police. You know, that's one of the reasons why this is a thing, because we can't police a community if there's no trust."

"We want people to go talk to the officers and, you know, build relationships, and a lot of our officers do build relationships with some of the kiddos and the community," she added.

Applicants must:

Be at least 18 years of age

Live within the 1o miles of the City of Camden.

Have no prior felony arrests

Have no serious misdemeanor arrests in the last two years

Undergo a background check.

There are no minimum physical requirements to participate. Students will not be asked to do anything they do not wish to do.

Interested participants can call 870-836-5755.

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