Trial set for woman accused of murdering husband

A trial date has once again been set in the case of a Ouachita County woman accused of shooting her husband.

Elizabeth Haynie is charged with first-degree murder with a firearm enhancement in the shooting death of her husband, Jerome Haynie.

In January, Haynie rejected a plea deal which would have reduced the charges to manslaughter, due to a conflict with her lawyer, who was also representing her in her husband's estate case.

Court documents filed in the 13th Judicial District have set a jury trial for May 23-25. The case has previously been set for trial in October of 2022. and in April 2023.

An affidavit from Ouachita County Sheriff's Department states that on September 6, 2021 deputies were dispatched to a residence on Highway 24 where they met Haynie, who was "hysterically stating to come inside and that her husband needed an ambulance."

Two juvenile males were also present outside the residence, and Haynie told police her juvenile daughter was inside the home.

According to police, the deputies followed Haynie inside the home, where they found a man, later identified as Jerome Haynie, lying on the floor, where blood was pooled around his head and on his chest.

A Glock handgun was also found on the floor near his hands, according to police.

The report states that deputies asked Haynie what happened and she stated, "We were arguing. We keep a gun right there on the gun cabinet and he was pushing me, and I grabbed it and he pushed me and it went off."

One of the children told police that none of them saw anything happen, but that they had heard a loud bang, according to the report. She told deputies her mother entered her room and told her to call an ambulance.

Another one of the children present told police that their parents "argued every once in a while: and that it had been physical in the past from both parents." They stated that there had never been punching but mainly pushing, according to the report.

EMS arrived and determined that Jerome Haynie was dead. Deputies observed a gunshot wound on the upper left side of his chest.

Haynie was released on an signature bond of $10,000 by Judge Hamilton Singleton.