Camden man charged with driving on suspended license

A Camden man is facing a charge of driving on a suspended license due a previous DWI following a traffic stop on Highway 278.

Young C. Hughey, of Camden, was cited on May 16.

According the police report, the responding officer, Chanel Bailey, initiated a traffic stop on a black Mitsubishi Lancer for a potential fictitious license tab.

The responding officer approached the vehicle on the driver's side and asked to see Hughey's license. As Hughey complied, officer Bailey allegedly noticed a second card that appeared to look like an ID, so she asked for that as well.

Bailey ran Hughey's ID through dispatch and learned that it was suspended for a previous charge of driving while impaired/intoxicated, according to the police report.

Hughey was subsequently arrested.

Bailey also ran the tags and registration on Hughey's vehicle and allegedly learned the registration was issued to another vehicle, a blue Nissan Rogue, which had not been reported stolen. The tab was taken in as evidence while the vehicle was towed by Rays Towing, according to the report.

Hughey was charged for Driving on License Suspended for DWI and was issued for a criminal citation. He was also charged for Fictitious License Tabs.

His court date for both citations is set for June 21.

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