Three minors arrested in shooting

Three minors have been arrested in connection with a shooting at Lincoln Center over the weekend.

According to an incident report from the Camden Police Department, on September 22, officers were dispatched to Lincoln Center for a shots fired call with injury.

Upon arrival, officers found a 30-year-old man being held by a female; according to the report, he was suffering from a gunshot wound to his abdomen. Upon further inspection, officers also noted that the victim had another gunshot wound to his left arm, which appeared to be broken,

The victim reportedly refused to name his attackers, stating only that he was shot by "someone I know" and "someone I love."

Witnesses said the male had been drinking and got into an altercation with three juveniles, one of whom pulled a firearm and shot the male.

On September 25, a warrant was issued for all three juvenile suspects witnesses named, and they were later arrested, with two being presented before a judge who found no probable cause. The third being released on a signature bond of $50,000 to his parent.

The minor has been charged with aggravated assault and first degree battery.

The victim remains in the hospital in stable condition, according to police.