Federal court will continue in event of shutdown

With a government shutdown looming, federal services could face disruption in the coming weeks and months.

However, Ron Dowling, clerk for the Western District of Arkansas court system, said any disruptions to the federal court system won't happen immediately.

"We would continue to operate as normal, as generally essential classification," Dowling said Friday afternoon. "For all practical purposes, our operation will continue unchanged."

The deadline for Congress to fund the government is midnight tonight, and negotiations on government appropriation levels were ongoing Friday.

Dowling said anyone who has received a summons or has any business in the Western District court should expect operations to continue as usual.

"We're asking people, if they got a jury notice, or attorneys or litigants have anything scheduled in court – we don't anticipate any changes in our schedule, so they should report to whatever hearing or other event is scheduled, and if anything changes, we will send a notice to that regard," he said. "They shouldn't worry about a change."

Dowling said any updates on the court will be posted to its website, arwd.uscourts.gov and communicated to those with business with the court.